We lost and missed you Bada
Your radiant happy Face
with soft and soothing Voice.

The word of God`s you spell
tasted like sweet honey it felt
Whose eyes were without tears
To say Goodbye, not able to bear
All the heart filled with grief
saying that we lost our chief.

For Us, You are the Pioneer
An Apostle as You were dear
For Many, You were spiritual Father
To other, You were as beloved brother,

At God`s bosom, You sit by
With crown of glory, angel high
that`s a place with no more tears
Reign along with God being heir.

We pray, your soul rest in peace
Hope your happiness never cease
Sooner or Later we will meet again
Saying you Goodbye, we wait then.

( He was a good example in midst of all, an inspirer, Writer, Lyricist, God`s Servant, TBS Nepali Bible Reviser, Elder, Advisor to all Nepali El-shaddai Churches in the World. )

Dewan Labung

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