Sunday May 3
Psalm 67:3
🛐*Daily Prayer and Praise*🎼

Theme of Prayer and Praise
Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee. (Psalms 67:3 )

The above theme is the praise of King David after GOD heal his nation and his people health. King David Sang this praise saying
GOD be merciful unto us, Bless us and Shine your glory on Us. So, People know that you are the healer of our Land and People Healths. [People will praise Wondrous deeds and name of our Great GOD] Let Our Land may be known as Best Yielding. Our whole nation will sing the joy and the Whole world know that you have bless us and They Fear with GOD.
The psalmist King David was so humble person to repent fast of his sin and guilty.(2 Samuel 24:10) He had made mistake this second time with the Lord. It was not dreadful sin as previous but small act (2 Samuel 24:1) that he did not ask Lord whether to count israeli or not; therefore In consequence he and his people suffered of heavy Pandemic like present Corona Virus. That time israel was suffering from seven years of famine and pestilence too. The pestilence killed Seventy Thousand People. Gad, the prophet brought the word of GOD to David what david should do now to repent his mistake. So King David does as Gad says; he offers the burnt offering in Altar of God(Repentful Prayer that reaches to God) And the Pestilence went away from Israel.

(*Finalising All, Our prayer for this day is Lets repent of our mistake like Humble King David. So it will heal our People and nation. Lets Praise GOD Supreme Intelligence and his wondorous deeds, though he has not given prophet this time on earth he has given the Holy Spirit Guiding our Heart and Holy Bible infront of Us telling us What we must do? Let Holy Spirit will guide your Heart. And Lets make habit of asking with Lord even though our small steps for continuous blessing)

🙏🙏 Amen, Thankyou 🙏🙏

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